Creative director : Veronica Mazziotta 

Film: Melany

Art direction: Elena Petitti di Roreto

Cinematography: Mauro Chiarello Ciardo

3D artist: Enrico Meloni

Stylist : Veronica Mazziotta 

Music: Jacky 0

Executive producers: Sebastiano Jodice, Guido Cella

Starring: Yana Dobrolyubova

Make-up artist: Caludia Malavasi

Line producer: Francesco di Trani

Producer: Maria Borgognoni

Editor: Elena Petitti di Roreto

Color grading: Orash Rahnema

Post supervisor, 3D scanning, compositing: Enrico Meloni

Retopology, modeling, sculpting: Claudia Bonandrini

This shooting was inspired and dedicated to Artist Ernest Trova.

With Ernest Trova we went beyond the "predictability" of photographic or video images, to instead confront with digital technologies and thus transform body and clothing into a robotic, sci-fi image, an animation of parts and plans, modules of a fluid plot with loops that suggestively rotate and change, detach, interpenetrate and recompose.

"By its nature an image is still and static, when instead a film generates an illusion of vitality: I read these words in a book by Alexander Lowen, and I think they clearly explain what prompted me to choose video and not a another means of re-reading this artist.
The video reinterprets three of his sculptures from the Falling Man series made with heterogeneous materials, such as nickel and chromed bronze, enamel on aluminum and stainless steel, each treated with an industrial finish. Ernest Trova considered them 'man at his most imperfect' A thought that, added to the grace that the sculptures emanate in the process of violent disintegration and the perfect order given to chaos, convinced me to measure myself with these works.

My ambition is to create an entity that embodies the feeling of loss of time and the decomposition of vital matter, by carrying out the iconographic research of the artists' works with Google search systems, the same ones adopted in the advertising field. But the directions, are many: from editorial, in which the artist's work is reinterpreted, to possible collaborations with the artists involved, or the intervention of gallery owners, curators and figures who define the art system.
What really interests me is the concrete possibility of slowing down the very rapid multiplication of fashion images with the injection of a stable subject, difficult to contextualize and, to some extent, timeless. I try to translate a work with other images: images with an imprint that progressively gain their own autonomy while continuing to evoke the work of reference ".