Creative Director : Veronica Mazziotta

Photographer: Stefano Moro Vanwyk @Fisheye Agency  

 Art Director Digital: Elena Petitti Di Roreto @AnninaPiana 

Stylist : Veronica Mazziotta

Digital Operator: Stefano Schiaffo 

Hair Stylist: Roberto Pagnini @Freelancer Agency  

Makeup: Rachid Tahar @FreelancerAgency   

Casting Director: Stefania Perna  

Model: Jelle Haen @Elite  Model: Finnlay Davis @EliteModel: Dylan Moran @Elite Model: Fay Hassaine @The Lab Model  Model: Alina Honcharuk @Monster  and  the artist Nicola Samorì.

This shooting was inspired and dedicated to Artist Nicola Samorì 

A fashion tribute, but also a fine postproduction process, that involves the artist himself, in this work of recreation.

Nicola Samorì, paints art that draw from Renaissance masters and from the Baroque chiaroscuro, deconstructing, scratching at times skinning faces and icons.  

 "Let's say right away that in Italy a painter must always have a good excuse and cannot afford the luxury of silence.

An annoying cultural delay hinders those who have the imp (r ) hearing to exhibit a painting without crutches, and by crutches The use of satellite documents (videos, objects, texts) that console its presence. This is obviously only a systemic defect, because nothing supports loneliness like a painting. A good painting is a crowd of ghosts, never an arid anthropological document.

"The painter brings into the world or condemns images to death. In some cases he fulfills both functions, and this is what happens in Nicola most successful works. In this oscillation, control is fundamental; indeed, one of the greatest efforts in painting is precisely to act in a state of necessity while maintaining control. " 

Some argue that the scarring of the works is a consequence of Stendhal's syndrome, the intensity of the feelings generates a psycho-physical block and then a hallucinatory state in which one gets the impression of understanding everything, which manifests itself with very varied behaviors which can even lead to hysteria. 

Painting is a magnetic miracle, the reverse of speed and invites to the fixity of the gaze. Painting as Nicola does almost induces a state of hypnosis during which all the signs that others will not see remain imprinted in the retina. Other times it is instead like painting light in the pupils of a living crowd.