Creative director: Veronica Mazziotta

Photographer: Filippo Fortis 

Stylist: Veronica Mazziotta 

3D artist and postproduction: Darkslide

Hair stylist: Roberto Pagnini 

Make-up artist: Luciano Chiarello 

Model: Yulduz @ Monster

Total Look : GUCCI

This shooting was inspired and dedicated to Illustrator Virginia Mori.

The characters generated by Virginia's hand are placed in an eternal, frozen narrative - the absurd made possible by the dream activity in which they seem immersed. 

By crossing different fields of art, we put them in a an other reality. Because If an idea is strong it remains so, even under other forms of expression.

Lewis Carrol in his famous and never definitive story makes the Queen of Hearts sentence the "end" of Alice with a proverbial and extremely current phrase: "First the execution, then the verdict!". A sentence of simultaneous irony and ferocity, subject to multiple interpretations.

Since the first time I came across Virginia's work, I have always found and recommended this attitude: plurality. To convey to the observer a sense of pleasant ambiguity, made up of attraction and repulsion together. Like when an irrepressible curiosity pushes you to go further and the excitement turns into thrill, mystery, almost fear.

Curiosity is the engine for excellence and her drawings expand to infinite worlds in the moment of their contemplation, because they condense an imaginary in themselves.

Some elements of her drawings represent a real poetic that denotes a depth of thought in the conception of each single piece.